Friday, September 21, 2012

friday's letters ::: 9:21:2012

Dear blog readers:
This week has been nuts - hence the no blogging. It seems that I'll JUST get a hang of juggling baby, work, marriage, staying alive - and then one tiny little sewing pin rips what I've tried to sew together.

Dear Mom-Made Frozen Lasagna:
You save my life on a week like this. You're so good and since you contain some veggies - I feel like I eat an all inclusive meal when I eat you. So sad that we only have one or two of you left. Maybe we can talk my mom into making some more of you?

Dear Husband:
Sorry for being miserable to you this week. Yesterday, especially, I had a rotten attitude towards you - and you still made me dinner while I got my goods ready for selling. I'm sorry for the attitude.

Dear PB {aka - Pregnancy Brain}:
I thought pregnancy brain was just a temporary condition and lasted only during pregnancy, but it seems like you're here to stay. Forever. 

Dear Melanie:
I apologize that you're affected by my PB and that I showed up to your house to babysit: Two days early, again. You made a good point though, at least when I do this I've shown up 2 days early, and not 2 days later.

Dear Ronel:
Thank you for reminding me to write my Friday Letter, otherwise I probably wouldn't have because there's just too much going on. I miss you A LOT and little Simon cannot wait to meet you. 

Dear Simon:
Why do you toy with my sleep so much? I can't believe that on Wednesday night you woke up at least once. EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR!? I mean, what is that? Why would you do that to me? {Tom - maybe some of that attitude is from lack of sleeping?}. It's nights like those when I think maybe, just maybe I should just throw you out the window. BUT then, last night - I didn't hear a peep. Not from 7 p.m., till, well, you're still sleeping and it's 7:39?! How do you do that? Let's try to do that again and not the former.

{To the readers:- don't report me to DSS. I would NEVER really throw him out the window.}

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