Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday basket

I just bought a basket with some birthday money. It was one if those things that you see and you're like, "Oooooh, I was totally looking for something like that" only you weren't actually shopping or looking for that item. On my way home, I was going through all the possible ways I could use it in my house. It could:

Be a shoe basket at the front door Orin a closet
Be a toy basket
Hold clean towels in a bathroom {obviously in a bathroom bigger than the one we have now}
Hold magazines
Be A place to keep blankets in a bedroom/living room
Be A place for my fabric
Be A firewood container if we ever have a fireplace again {maybe my favorite use}
Be A laundry basket
Be General storage for, well, almost anything.
So for under 20 bucks, this was money well spent.

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