Tuesday, August 7, 2012


You don't usually notice the quirks of a place until you've been settled for a while. Then there are the quirks that you notice immediately. Unfortunately, you don't notice the clack of a fan until you're all moved in and trying to take a nap.

After watching too much HGTV, Tom and I have decided that if we ever buy a house, we'd want to stay in it for a good 24 hours. You know - test out the water temperature and pressure. Some water sources take about 5 minutes to heat up. The noise level of the fans. The hum of the fridge. Whether the air conditioning really works or if the air is seeping through the cracks in the window frame.

There actually aren't any major quirks about our place that get on my nerves. There are however some quirks that belong only to this place. These are the quirks that catch your attention the second you enter. Below you'll see the wonderful brick and geckos that each belong to a stairwell in our place. Several people have asked me if I painted the brick - are. you. crazy? I've had some wild ideas - but this is not one of them. Our landlord loves the brick and says he's never seen anything like it {no kidding} and has never known anything this durable. One of our friends speculated this past weekend that it might be wallpaper - perhaps.
Then in the stairwell leading to the basement we have this lovely display of geckos. Apparently the downstairs apartment has them painted throughout their place - no thank you. I guess it makes for an interesting trip up and down the stairs each time I go up and down to wash clothes and diapers.

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  1. Oh my gosh this made me laugh. Gotta love rentals.


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