Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dear 27

Dear 27,

I have a love hate relationship with you. You were a hard career year. There were certainly aspects of my writing internship that I enjoyed; however, I learned that I love teaching way too much to ever do anything like that again. Remember that.

I got to explore and get to know this new city I now call home. You also were the first year of a move-the first is always the hardest and I've learned that it takes about a year to adjust to a new place and make friends. This 28th year might just be a little easier now that I have friends, a church I enjoy attending, and a baby. No wait, that doesn't make things easier, but it does shown Gods glory in a way I've never experienced it before.

I'm eager to see what my 28th year will bring. Surely it will be one of many adjustments, but I'm ready to take it in stride.

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