Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wearing my baby and PIL #9

It's a good thing that little man is flexibe. Around the time that Simon was ready for his nap yesterday was when I was ready to run some errands {of course}. I thought for a minute that maybe I should wait until he's had a nap, and then I thought about the fact that he's only 7 weeks old and can sleep anywhere.

So off to crate and barrel we went to buy a pillow insert for an order. They luckily weren't busy, and I was in and out within about 7 minutes. Then we headed over to the post office to ship a pillow I'd promised would arrive by Thursday to an etsy customer. Then we headed to target to buy some towels for another order. Then home.

Each time I'd unbuckle the carseat straps, buckle the carrier around me, fasten little man in the carrier, more snapping, lock car door, shop/ship, unlock door, unbuckle top, place little man in seat, fasten the dead bolt on the car seat, take carrier off. That's a lot of buckling. I definitely took for granted how easy it is to do simple tasks when I didn't have baby in tow. It's fun to have a little companion even though he doesn't say much these days.

{check out that jealous big sister in the background - if only she didn't weight 90+ lbs, I'd consider wearing her too}

Yesterday wouldn't have been possible without my sister's organic ergo baby. This carrier is amazing and I'd put it on my top list of recommendations for new moms. It supports both of us and frees up my hands; I love being able to wear my baby. You get non organic ones, but from reviews I've read, the organic one is made out of softer fabric. I guess this is kind of like a PIL - so I'll go ahead and add it to my list of products I like. Now if only I can get paid for advertising items I like...

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  1. Simon is so beautiful! And his sister ain't so bad, either! Of course it goes without saying that Mommy is as gorgeous as ever!


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