Saturday, July 21, 2012

good dose of motivation

Since I'm now "staying at home," productivity looks different than when I was working as a teacher. Sometimes I work all day and feel like I haven't done a single thing. Yesterday I had products to prove that I was productive - all I needed was a good dose of motivation.

I saw a good-looking banana/oatmeal/chocolate chip muffin thingy recipe on pinterest a few nights ago - and after realizing that we had all the ingredients -  I decided to make them this morning. They were yummy {and pretty healthy} and will make it into my recipe binder. {I have a binder where I specifically cut the pages to fit a little notebook - and once a recipe has been "approved," it's added to the collection.}

2 etsy orders made and shipped
diaper warshin' - after "rinsing" them I realized that I never added soap
Simon trying to be a big boy and sit up
Tom studying Hebrew
Hebrew squiggles
Tom eating his soft tacos on our first date post baby
me and the largest burrito I've ever seen, or eaten
Little man making friends while we're gone

Yesterday I made those muffins, cleaned, did a load of laundry,* fed little man, showered {and actually dried my hair} all before teaching a sewing lesson at 9:30.

Then thanks to Simon's solid 3 hour nap, I was able to finish 2 etsy orders, do a load of diapers,* and find this "card" on pinterest - it made me laugh so loud that I almost woke up my baby:


Tom never thinks the things that I think are super funny are really that funny. But this is a true story - my English brain does not and has never understood word problems. Gross.

*Doing a load of laundry and a load of diapers is not the same thing - I'll explain more in my future diaper post

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  1. I've seen that "math equation" before and it is SO me! I feel the same way, sometimes the day is over with and I feel like I could have been more productive. Maybe I've been looking at too many blogs and pinterest posts from people who can do it all! <3


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