Tuesday, June 19, 2012

yes and no

Once or twice I've been able to sneak away by myself for a few hours. On Saturday I went to the farmer's market with some friends; I bought an impressive spread for just $11. That's right - alllll this for 11 bucks.

After the market I realized that I still had an hour before I'd be needed at home - so I went to hobby lobby and hancock fabrics to buy some fabric I don't need. There's no way for you to know - but I don't even own one of my dish towels!?! I know - right? Well I made one last night with some fabric I bought this weekend - and loved it so much I wanted to keep it. 

I told Tom that I really wanted a birdie towel as well. Then I thought - who am I kidding - I make them - I can make myself another one! I'm excited about finally having one for personal use! I've recently opened my etsy shop again, and don't worry, I'm getting plenty of sewing help. Simon will be able to help me in my sweat shop in no time; he's already learning how to feed fabric through the machine.
On Saturday afternoon I spent a great deal of time taking photos of the new fabric lettered frames I'm selling in my shop. I think this is the part of my shop that I hate the most {other than doing the tax stuff}. 

I got the idea to sell these letters because I made some to spell out Simon's name above his crib {a nursery post is in-the-works!}. Here's a glance at some of the different letter/frame combinations:

YES this is a shameless plug for you to head over to my store and browse some new items. Because I didn't have an actual teaching job last year, I've decided to "stay home" with little man this year. By "staying home" I mean not have a "real" job {more on this to come later}. I am - however - planning to tutor, sub once a week starting in November {when little man turns 6 months and we'll benefit from a free day of daycare at the seminary}, give sewing lessons, babysit, sell stuff in my shop, and do more craft fairs. The hope is that my schedule will be more flexible to be home with Simon {to figure out his mother thing} while hopefully making more money than last year.

To answer some lingering questions, NO, Scar Face, I mean Agnes, is not for sale, nor is she looking for a new home. As I told one of my friends, I'd rather her be depressed than me be depressed. Selfish -  I know - but you just don't get a better dog than her. 


  1. Ah. SO great to get the confirmation on your firstborn. She'll shape up and I say, keep her around to growl at the poop on your mat! (Crazy!)


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