Monday, June 25, 2012

in color 6/25/12

About twice a year I make a big thread purchase. As I'm sewing, I'll make a list of all the colors I need, then I wait until there is a sale on thread at Hancock Fabrics. I didn't really feel like going to the store on Saturday, but knew that it would be a while before they went on sale again. So, there's a lot of thread colors going on in my world these days. I spent $23 and saved $21. :)
In fact! Did you know that my sales went over the 100 mark today?! Yes indeedie. You can celebrate with me by receiving 10% off your order this week {June 25-29th} with coupon code: WOOHOO

The other colors in my world are the ones of these cloth diapers we've been using. We're hooked; I'll explain  why later. Cloth diapers deserve a post of their own. 
I joined a Bible study with ladies from my church - it's been a great way to spend a Thursday morning and a sweet time to get to know women in our church. We've been reading Jerram Barrs's book, The Heart of Prayer. On the first day of the study, we were encouraged to try to doodle/draw/write out our prayers in color - it was a different way to think about praying - I think it would especially appeal to the creative/artistic folks.
We also want to wish a happy birthday to Papas {Tom's dad}! Simon can't wait to see him again this weekend!

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