Thursday, June 21, 2012

EX-cuse me! EX-cuse me!

 Just two days ago Tom took Agnes out to tee-tee in the morning. She didn't do what she normally does and run out to do her thing. Instead, she stopped dead in her tracks at the door and bent down to sniff the DOG POOP on our doormat. Good thing she stopped to sniff otherwise Tom would have stepped right in it. I wish Tom had called me so I could have seen this spectacle. Apparently, right on our doormat, what dog poop! Not in a bag. Someone thought it would be a halarious gesture to put dog poop on our doormat. Just. Right. There.
We have a good idea of who this someone is. Over the weekend Agnes pooped in a yard just two buildings down from ours. I turned around to get a baggie to clean up her business. I hadn't even walked 5 steps when I heard, "Ex-cuse me! Ex-cuse me!" I said, "Ex-cuse me. I don't have a bag and I'm going to get one." The woman stood there and watched me while I cleaned up Agnes's business. I wanted to say, "Excuse me but I hope my dog doesn't eat you." {We think that these are the people who are TERRIFIED of her. If we're outside with her, they'll stay in their car until we go back inside. Even if Agnes is on a leash, they'll stand at the door and wait until Scar Face is unseen. It's an interesting city we live in here. We're still trying to decide if we should confront the grownups for doing something that only my middle school students would think of doing.

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