Monday, May 14, 2012

Simon: enjoying his stay at the Hotel de la Uterus

The weather has been amazing here and I've loved having the windows open while being on my maternity leave. There's a little boy down the street who plays his little recorder everyday when he gets home from school and continued to play it a-l-l weekend long. Remind me to never to buy any of our children a recorder or allow anyone to ever give him one. Those are already on the BANNED list.

That being said. My due date has come and gone. Simon is clearly enjoying Hotel de la Uterus way too much. I think we're all ready to meet this little fella; I guess he just needs a little bit more time to freshen up and prepare to be met.
{Agnes waiting for her little brother}

Despite only having a furry daughter and a child in-utero, Tom sweetly made me the best Mother's Day breakfast yesterday morning. It felt balanced - protein, carbs, more protein to grease our joints, fruits. All the food groups covered. :)

I also received some pretty mini roses that now fill our place:

Since everyone's birth day predictions have come and gone - feel free to make another guess. :) I've started a new calendar - so let me know what your new guess is. If my doctor allows me to go the full 2 weeks past my due date - the date would be the 26th - but I don't think she'll allow me to go that long.


  1.'s the truth. my original guess is the 16th, but i couldn't crush you with my prediction because you were so SURE you would go early :)

  2. i hated it when people said stuff like this...but the 19th is a pretty good day b/c it's my birthday:) It's served me well over the years and I think Simon would like it too:) B/c Henry was so late/so big, this time around, I already have an induction date a month out!

  3. I think he'll make his appearance pretty soon, like tomorrow!! Thinking about you and Tom!

  4. I say May 20! It's a nice, even, solid-sounding number. But then again, my Cinco de Mayo guess was way off! :)



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