Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Oh wooow"

I apologize for my absence. I promise it's not due to me tending to a crying newborn {I had to choose between blogging and showering, and well, showering won}.  I'm actually still very great with child. I've gotten used to the sounds of, "Oh wow" or "you look like you're going to pop" or "how are you feeling these days?" I'm almost exactly 2 weeks from my due date. Other than overly crowded in the abdominal region, I feel great. I've upped my one walk a day to two, hoping this walking is not done in vain and that soon we'll be able to meet little Simon. 

I probably am walking around with a few more rolls than necessary. But you know who else has rolls? Simon. Little man has some baby rolls we were already able to see in an ultrasound two weeks ago, and Tom is delighted! His dream of having a chubby baby is coming true. He's already weighed in at 6.9 lbs 2 weeks ago. :-O

{Not quite sure which body part this is, but the arrow is indicating a baby roll}

It must be all the Tums I've been consuming {I didn't know they were 5 calories a pop till I checked the other day, and I sure am eating a whole lot of those these days}. I even call them my candies. I've switched to the Target Tropical brand, and they're pretty good if I should say so myself. The pineapple flavor is my favorite.
In other news, my mama came into town 2 weekends ago to help me get things together for little man. I realize I'm pushing for time over here, but I like to live on the edge. That's how I roll. We have a freezer filled with food and won't starve for at least 2 weeks. I worked on the bedskirt while my mom slaved away on the quilt for the bed; she was a good little worker. I was a bit nervous about the light green and tiffany blue fabrics working together, but I'm sooo happy with the way things turned out, and I think Simon will like it too. 

There's still lots to do - and finally more time to do it in. I've had 3 jobs since August - school (full time), babysitting (occasionally, but regularly), and my etsy shop (kind of like part time). I stopped babysitting a few weeks ago, and this past Thursday, I put my shop on vacation mode. I was getting too many orders {not that I'm complaining}, but that and working full time was just too much for this 8.5 months pregnant woman. So I'm down to one job for the time being.

Funny kid story of the week: A 6th grade boy overheard a conversation I was having with a group of girls who rub my stomach daily like it's a genie lamp. He said, "Wait, are you pregnant?" I responded with a laugh, "Um... yes." He replied with, "Why did I not notice? For how long have you been pregnant?" My reply, "Almost 9 months." He said, "Oh Wooow."

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  1. haha, love the kid story.
    and love you guys and little Simon!


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