Monday, April 2, 2012

happy 3rd birthday Agnes!

If you've met Agnes, then I don't really need to waste time telling you why she is THE BEST DOG EVER! She's obedient, loving, disciplined, excitable, has the cutest personality, has a facial expression for just about every scenario, and has a ferocious bark that will scare anyone. She's SO good that I know we're probably going to have the worst behaving children ever, but at least we'll have a well behaved dog, right?

We picked Agnes up on our way home from our honeymoon, so she literally has been a part of our family since the very beginning. And did you know that her mama (Pearl) belongs to Tom's parents and her brother (Juice) belongs to Tom's brother. So, her furry family is in the family too. 

How we picked her name: (you might already know this story) - So, Tom and I didn't discuss marriage (not once) until he proposed. Up until then, he always said that he wanted to name a son Angus McNeill Hart, after his great, great, great grandfather. Well, on that night that we got engaged, I wanted to make it very clear that no son of mine will ever be named Angus {because you always think of beef when you hear Angus, right?} We compromised and decided that it would be ok to name a dog Angus. Well, when we ended up with a female, we decided to name her Agnes, since it's the female version of Angus. The name has grown on me so much that I sometimes wish we'd saved the name for a human child, but, let's be honest, Agnes is kind of like a human child to us. {Simon: one day you will thank me that your name is Simon and not Angus}.

So in honor of the best dog ever - happy birthday little girl! {As you know our 90+ pound lab is not a little girl in any sense of the word, but it's what we often call her}.

Here is a photo tribute to our little girl 
{I figured I'd give her some air-time before little man starts hogging it all}.

{Juice & Agnes}

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