Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday - in many ways

Depending on how long or how well you know me, you may or may not know this story. Do you know that exactly 5 years ago Tom and I went on our first date? It was on April 6, 2007, on Good Friday none the less. We didn't know each other very well at all; he was the boy who sat behind me in my history class, "The History of American Religion." I always thought he was cute, but I also thought that he was quite a bit younger. And since I was about to graduate, if he was a sophomore or something - that might have been a deal breaker. But alas, he was also a senior.

We'd studied together once in a group setting where Tom had to copy my notes from class because he'd missed a class {or two....} and we both had a pretty big research paper due for the class around this time. Through talking in class, I tried to make it clear that I was going to be in town over Easter weekend (even though I was going home for Easter Sunday and my mom's birthday). I just wanted to be "available."

Quoted from a journal I gave Tom when we got married: "I was with my friends Sara and Lisa. He called me the night before {Thursday} and after talking about school for a while he said, 'ChanĂ©, will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?' he said something about it being Good Friday and that he didn't know if we were allowed to go on a date or not - but he said that we would talk about Jesus. :) Our date was amazing. He took me to TransMet where we talked for over 4 hours. We talked about so many things - we had so much in common! When he dropped me off he said that he wasn't really sure about what to do on a date but that he would walk me to my door. I didn't know if there would be more dates to come b/c we didn't really talk about seeing each other again. 

I sent him a text message to tell him Happy Easter & to say that I had a really good time (or that I enjoyed dinner). All I got was a "moi deux." So I wasn't sure if he really enjoyed the date. We studied together Tuesday and Wednesday, and he came to see me "teach" my friends as practice for a teaching interview I had in Charlotte. I ran after him when he left to ask him if he wanted to do something on Friday. When Friday rolled around I was in total agony the whole day b/c I hadn't heard from him {in true Tom fashion}. He finally called at 11, and we talked on the phone for 5 hours! I enjoy being with him so much." End journal entry.

Maybe I'm misinformed about how people perceive me - but promiscuous girl isn't something I recall ever being called. I failed to mention in this journal entry - that after Tom awkwardly verbalized that he didn't know what to do after a date and walked me to my apartment door - I asked him if he wanted to come in and watch a movie. I had no intentions of groping or taking advantage of him, I just didn't want our date to end. Until I just read this entry, I'd forgotten that I'd run after him that Friday night. Perhaps at the end of the day, you can call me a promiscuous girl.

But here we are - 5 years later and 5 weeks away from having our first little one together. Often times my will and the Lord's will do not align. I'm thankful that our will did align on whom I married.
{this is the first ever photo we took together on the very last day of college classes}

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  1. Love it! It was fun to be around when you two were dating =) Miss ya girlie!


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