Monday, April 30, 2012

fake out

So on Friday/Saturday {27th/28th}, we had a fake out. It was a pretty realistic fake-out if you ask me. I woke up Friday morning thinking my water broke. It wasn't the dramatic gush you see in the movies; it was the slow, leaky faucet type.

After taking a 2 hour nap on my day off, I was sure again that this is what was going on. I think I had a contraction that woke me up from this much needed nap. Anyways, long story short - my doula also thought that my water was "leaking" and all signs pointed to yes - indeed - I've started early labor. One of my sweet friends came over. We went to Target to buy last minute essentials. We ate spicy food. We went back to Target to get other essentials I had forgotten, and we decided to stay there and walk laps to hopefully bring on regular contractions. After an hour of walking around Target, I know where everything is.

Tom came home from work so that he could get some rest for the journey ahead {poor guy is in the worst part of his semester and didn't get a winks worth of sleep Tuesday night}. We decided to wait it out that night {since I wasn't having regular contractions} and would go to the hospital to get things checked out in the morning.

 I woke up, showered, packed. Tom got things ready. We made our babysitter list for our oldest child, Agnes. We ate another spicy meal and decided that we should probably go to the hospital to get things checked out. If your water is broken for too long without giving birth, you're in risk of an infection. I just didn't want to go in fear that they'd put me on pitocin {induction drug} since I wasn't having regular contractions.

The hospital staff was great. They checked my vitals among other things. By his heart rate, it was confirmed that we have a VERY active, happy baby who is probably never going to sleep. It was also confirmed that my water was not broken, my bladder was/is just taking a beating by this karate kid. My uterus was not contracting but is "irritable." I haven't experienced full out contractions, but I wonder how many women would refer to them as "irritations." I was thankful that the doctors reassured us that we were doing the right thing and never made me/us feel stupid for coming in to check {they probably experience this all-the-time with first time moms}.
{Look at that face!! Tom snuck this photo while we were waiting to find out if we were staying or going. I can't stop laughing at my facial expression - clearly not panicked.}

All this to say: I'm glad for the fake out. It's made me want to be pregnant just a little bit longer so I can get things done around here. I think it was also good to have a dress rehearsal before the main show. Tom and I both feel more comfortable with the hospital process and know a little more of what to expect.

CREDITS: {Thank you Amber for walking with me for an hour. And thank you Bethany for being awesome and not making me feel like an idiot}.

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  1. Not a fake out, just a dress rehearsal :) By the way, I was totally convinced!!


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