Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm not the only one nesting around here these days. There is a robin right by our front door who has rebuilt her nest 4 or 5 times; she's made quite a mess I might add.
I first noticed the mess - and I'd wonder where it came from. Then when I saw that the mess was increasing, I started looking up. I noticed our friend Robin was hard at work. She'd completed a nest, and Tom took it down. I scolded him for interfering with a mama's nesting, and he replaced the nest. 
But, Robin probably wasn't happy about her nest being messed with, and she knocked it down. So she built another one {this last one - must be number 5 or so}. She's a funny little thing, that bird.
Thank goodness Tom only had to put the crib together once, not 5ish times. Sometimes Robin sits and guards her egglings while we walk by and other times she flies to a nearby tree. Lately, she's a bit more comfortable with us and will fly only as far as the stair railing. On Sunday I had Tom hop on the ledge and snap some photos of her incubating babies {I wish I could take credit for this awesome photo}. She has four little ones who are preparing for life - I'm thankful that I have just one. Four? Can you imagine? 
Speaking of incubating babies, ours is getting ready - I feel it. I've been calling it burrowing - like he's trying to dig his way out. That should be a medical term for babies preparing to hatch. This said burrowing has been confirmed by my doctor; therefore, I do not think little Simon is going to wait until May 12th to make his appearance {I'm aware that I could be totally wrong}. In the spirit of gambling, I'm offering a prize {don't know what yet} to the one who can determine Simon's birth day. The facts: I'm 35.4 weeks along. His "due" date is May 12th. So the possible dates are April 11th {today} until May 26th.

If you're feeling like a gambler today, leave your birth day prediction in the comment section or send me an email - and I'll add you to the growing list of predictions {}.


  1. May 7th. I think you'll go longer than you think you will, but still early. Could be WAY off, though :)

  2. I'm voting May 8th. It's a special friend of mine's bday and I think Simon would make it even more special! p.s. that picture of the robin eggs is awesome!

  3. May 5th!!!! This is gonna be a Cinco de Mayo boy! Wish you could come to the wedding...will be eager to see photos of little Hart!


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