Friday, March 30, 2012

torn skirt

Even though I thought yesterday was Friday the whole day, this week went by really quickly. In some ways I'm thankful for the quick passing of time, and in other ways, I really need the extra time. 

My sweet friend Kathryn, who took some maternity photos of me at my shower in my hometown, also blogged about my shower in a post titled: "baby hart's shower."  You might be glad to know that you no longer have to refer to baby hart as little man, poppie, baby hart, hart baby, t.j. (tom jr), or whatever you've been calling him. You can now confidently refer to him as Simon. Simon Hart. We're still working on a middle name - but at least the boy has a name. 
{Here's my plump self at 34 weeks**}

Also - don't forget that you have until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday night to take advantage of the 20% discount from my Etsy store. I'm sewing like a mad woman tonight and plan to add some new dish towels and pillows to my lil' shop tomorrow morning. Just enter the code happyanniversary to your checkout order to receive the 20% off. {I'm also taking requests for custom orders.}

**Plump Story:** {you may already have read this on Facebook}. Over spring break I went to the post office and swore not to go back until this baby is born. I was asked by the postal lady, "Are you expecting twins?" I said no, just one. She replies, "Well honey, you are plump." I just said, "well...thanks." She also asked when my due date was and when I told her May 12th, she said, "Are you sure they have the date right." She tried to patch things up by saying "It looks good on you." plump factor: 1. Confidence: 0. I had to go to the post office today and the automated stamp machine was broken {errrr!}, and I had to deal with the same woman - I don't think she realized that she'd already torn her skirt with me. She was a lot nicer this time around - she asked me normal questions - but I don't think I've forgiven her for her comments yet.


  1. Simon is a great name!! And you look fabulous! Not at all plump :)

  2. being a good christian means forgiving others their trespass...

    but what a crock of shit to tell a preggers lady that.


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