Sunday, March 25, 2012


I tried to take a nap today after church and almost started hyperventilating. Not because my lungs are all squished up in my throat because little man is crowding my organs, but because it's only about 6 weeks till he arrives. SIX WEEKS! That's not a long time. My little countdown on my phone says that I have about 47 days. After trying to sleep, I had to get up. There's still too much to do. The crib is up though!
I'm proud of Tom. He did such a good job! But now I need to make the bed-shirt, blanket, and curtains, and pillows, and decorate my burp cloths....oh dear {Good thing my mom is coming to visit in 3 weeks. I've already started her to-do list}. 

Anyway. In other news, I haven't had much time to do little man's sewing because my lil' etsy shop has been picking up steam {which is awesome - keep it coming}.

One of my friends, Bethany, even blogged about it on her blog - you can read about yours truly over here:

Bethany and I are connected in many ways. I actually found her via Etsy - she sells jewelry here in St. Louie {check out her shop: City Thistle}. We met at the beginning of the school year when I contacted her and asked her if we could meet for coffee so we could talk about Etsy business stuff. After stalking, I mean, investigating her, I found her blog. On there she had a photo of her husband with his seminary books. I figured he goes to the local Lutheran seminary, but when I saw her hubs with a Francis Schaeffer book, I knew immediately he went to Covenant - where Tom goes. 

To further our connection, Bethany is my doula. In case you don't know what a doula is, I refer to a doula as a birthing "lawyer." Someone at your birth who is your advocate and helper, and they're there to ensure that your birth goes according to what you want {assuming all goes well}. They know all the "legal" terms and are not emotionally attached - so they're thinking straight when you're not. So kind of like a lawyer, right?
{Hey Bethany!}

My spring break was this past week {and I want to cry because it's over} - and I should have blogged - but there's just too much going on around here. Etsy, babysitting, working full time, being the life-source for another human, nesting, taking care of my domestic duties --- just busy y'all. ;)

Now I must return to my nesting. I'll be back. Soonish. {Oh yeah - and don't forget, you have until Saturday to receive 20% off in my lil' shop.}

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