Tuesday, March 6, 2012

good undies

How this conversation came up recently, I don't know. But it did. It might be because I've been thinking about that hospital bag that I need to pack and have on standby at the door. Anyhow. While assessing the current condition of my underwear, I thought I would be in my right mind to purchase some new drawers before going to the hospital, or more importantly, before my mom came to take care of my after little man arrives. Somehow this mental conversation I was having with myself came out in conversation with Tom. 

One of the things that we were both taught as kids was that we always needed to wear good undies. One never knows when one might get rushed off to the ER, and of all things, you should have on good drawers. It's funny how I can't remember one thing I learned in 4th grade, but I remember that the condition of my underwear is of great importance.

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