Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recipe Week 2 .4

When my mom first emailed me this recipe, I called her immediately and said, "No Mom, I don't think you understand. I want the recipe. I have no idea how much to get of what." She then told me that is the nature of this "recipe." There is no exact formula. You just kind of go with it. So this might be a great recipe for you creative types.

Passed Down the Generation Train Veggie Soup

Ingredients: (kind of)
beef shank (2 or 3 depending on how much you're making)
onion {usually 1}
garlic - maybe about 6 cloves
beef stock cubes {since I make so much - I think I use like 6}
potatoes {2}
sweet potatoes {3}
large can of tomato (any kind - but the 16 oz one - or a little more for large production}
leeks {2-3}
white carrots {parsnips?} {2-3}
carrots {usually a bag}
frozen chopped spinach {I get 2 of the 10 oz containers}
celery {optional - but I don't like it}
parsley {again optional, I don't think we've ever added it}
lentils or letter pasta {I usually use 2 bags for large production}
navy beans {or any kind of bean - we just added this the last time for the first time {1 bag}
basically anything else you want to add

Brown beef shank, with onion and a little garlic
Add water, salt, pepper and beef stock cubes...
boil for about 2 hours very slowly or until meat is soft... I normally 'break' it up in smaller pieces before I add the veggies....

Then cut up your veggies and add them to the meat {usually I'm chopping veggies while the meat is boiling}. You will probably have to add water to the mix as you're adding your veggies. I sometimes throw in an extra beef stock cube or two. You will also have to add salt as you go. Please feel free to email me with questions: whatthehartlikes {at} - this recipe is my go-to winter soup -  it's well worth it.

{Over here, we like to make A TON of soup at one time, and then freeze it for future use.}

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  1. Wow! That is a ton of soup. Looks like something I would do! Love it.

    These ingredients look so different and interesting. I need to try this. YUM.


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