Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hey and random thoughts

Hey there! 

I've been around - just not around the blog lately. Can you believe it's not even because I've been napping or been lazy? Quite the contrary. Despite the rumors, I've been totally energized by the beginning of my 3rd trimester. Tom and I started our childbirth classes on Monday night. At some point I just looked around the room and thought - I can't believe we're in here. Back in the day I could visualize being pregnant and could visualize holding a baby, but I never thought about {or really knew} all that having a little one really entails - like sitting in a birthing class and talking about what is going to happen when Baby Hart decides to arrive. Crazy.

{Here I am practicing my baby washing skills on little one's ugly doll}

Being a writing "specialist" and not an actual teacher has its perks {believe it or not}. I had this past Friday and Monday off and was able to go home {home-home} for a short little stint. As always, it was too short. My mom threw a little baby shower for me and we were really spoiled. My aunt who has an eye for design and color helped me finalize the baby room colors, and I'm excited to start preparing the room. The rug came in the mail last night and I LOVE it! I'm on a tight budget and already spent most of the moola on the rug - but - that has only helped my creative juices flow, and I'm already thinking about all the things I can make for his little room. 

Tom has been taking good care of me. When I returned from my southern trip I returned to a perfectly clean house - even the nursery to be/tornado room. I was greatly appreciative. You know a man loves a woman when the woman makes her burrito for lunch and forgets to put cheese on it {like one of the most important ingredients!} and then said man unwraps and unrolls the burrito to add the cheese and then re-wraps it. Y'all, that is love. And he made my burrito for lunch today without me even asking him to - cheese included. 

What else......when I had a dr appointment last week a sweet woman came into the office wearing a mask. She kept saying how sick she was and wanted to wear a mask to protect all the pregnant women from getting sick. I was appreciative of how thoughtful that was. Little Hart has been moving around all day - meaning since 6 a.m. he's been moving around and poking me. I don't know where the 'sleep cycles' are that I've been reading about; I hope he's not practicing being awake all day. Feeling a baby move in your tummy is both the strangest and best feeling. 

I now remember what I was going to tell you guys. The other day I was walking in Target and there were 2 little 5 year old girls - each walking with their moms. The one little girl had on her Cinderella costume, jewels, crown, clankly plastic little high heels - the whole get-up. The other little girl spotted the princess immediately and couldn't keep her eyes off of her. When the non-princess girl walked by Cinderella, she stopped, gave the princess a slow once-over and said, "You look sooooo pretty......sooooo pretty." Her mom smiled at the 'queen' and they continued as the princess smiled delightfully at her outfit of choice. The non-princess kept looking back at the princess. It was the sweetest thing, and I'm thankful that I got to witness this moment. 


  1. i can't believe you got that rug. i thought it was on just on your wish list. i will have to come and hold baby hart while staring at that beautiful rug! (oh, and beautiful hart boy, too, of course!)

  2. Your baby bump is ADORABLE! You look so great! Can't wait to see little Hart!


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