Saturday, January 28, 2012

whatever I want

I was looking forward to this day all week. It's Saturday. The day I can do whatever I want, remember? It's been a glorious day, and it's not even over yet.  

The mornings started with too much time spent on Pinterest. I've been holding out on joining because I knew it would suck-up my time like a Dyson vacuum sucks up dirt - and I was right.

I spent some time working on my little etsy shop, and I have a new design! Soonly it will be shared.

Too many Hershey kisses were consumed. But, it is Saturday. And I can do whatever I want.

 We've been searching high and low for a basil plant and have been unsuccessful in the search. So what you can't find, order off the inter-web. I've been scheming how I'm going to plant my new favorite herb.

To counter the kisses I gobbled, I made my new favorite veggie for lunch {which was accompanied by kettle korn and chips 'n salsa}.

And y'all, the day isn't even over. We're heading out for a little date. And, be sure to check back tomorrow. I have something planned for this week! {And no, it's not like all those other things I promised you - I actually already have this ready to share!}

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