Tuesday, June 28, 2011

how to comment

A few people have mentioned that they always want to leave comments on posts, but that they don't know how to comment. It can be tricky sometimes.

First scroll down to the bottom of the post. If someone has already left a comment on that post - then it will say 1 comments or 2 comments. If no one has commented, then it will say 0 comments. Click on the "comment button."

Then you'll see a box that appears, and this is where you'll write your comment.

Then you click - "Select Profile." It's easiest when you have a gmail account. You'll use that name. If you don't know the blogger to know who you are, then you can choose Anonymous.*

After you've selected your profile, click "Post Comment." If you clicked google account - then you'll see this:

Type in your gmail name and password. You'll be directed to this preview page of your comment.

After you preview your comment, click - "Post Comment." Then voila - your comment will be published.

If you clicked anonymous - then you'll see this page where you have to type in the funky security word in order to post your comment. Click "Post Comment." And then voila - there is your comment. Posted. You could also post a comment under anonymous and then say who you are and not be so anonymous. :)

I hope this post was helpful. If you still have questions or run into a comment error - please email me at chanehart at gmail dot com and I'll help you. :)  Happy Commenting.

Monday, June 27, 2011

nothing says summer like a sale

Nothing says summer like a sale, or more specifically, beach towels on sale. I just made my mom a couple. I know think she's going love them.

If you've ever had your towel stolen at a beach, lake, or pool party, then you're probably going to want to get one with your name or last name on it. And what better time to do it than when there's a sale.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sending mail up here in the "north" isn't as easy as in the south. There's no mailbox to place mail in. No little red flag to indicate that there is a letter to be sent. Instead, up here in the "north," we place our mail in our doors. I've been told that not everyone's mail-person will retrieve the mail from their doors. Those people have to take their mail to the post office or drop it off in one of those free-standing blue mailboxes all over the city. We're one of the lucky ones. Our mail-person has graciously taken everything I've placed in my door slot. 

I don't know if the suburbs are like that also, but here in the city, we do mail a little differently.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

dining room

The dining room is complete - this is my favorite room in our house.

The table was something I was going to make on my own when we moved to St. Louis. With my sister's wedding, teaching up until about 5 days before we moved, visiting family, RUF events, teaching events - it seemed just too crazy to even think about squeezing time in to make a whole table. But - I get a little crazy sometimes and have unreasonable ideas. Well - this one worked out. It seemed like a good plan to make it before we moved because I'd be able to use our friend, Edward's, wood shop, and what else was I going to do 4 days before we moved to St. Lou? Pack? Nope - I was waiting for my mom's help. :)

A few weeks before I was going to make said table, I was asking around to find out where I could find some wood. I was looking for something old and original. I wasn't hunting for free - because the good stuff is usually not free. A guy at church perked up and said that he had some white oak that he lumbered himself {I don't know if that's the right word}, and he'd be happy to give it to me to use. YES, yes, I would love some free wood.
So after I got the boards, I started humming and ha-ing over the design of the table. When I say make a table - I use that term very loosly. What this means is I design a table, and then I need to find someone who's  willing to do 65% of the work. My dad has been that 65% in my past wood projects. I do as much as I can, but am happy to give up control to someone who knows a bit more than I do about woodery. 

With my drawing in hand, Edward confirmed that my plan would work. The first thing we had to do is plane the wood. This is when you put the wood into a machine and it "speed sands it." I have funny squinty eyes because all of the little wood chips and saw dust just comes flying at you without conservation.
You can see which of us was more serious about this project by our facial expressions.
It was a workout indeed to lug around these planks of white oak. It is a hard, heavy wood.
Placing the boards together was also a bit of a challenge and they really ended up fitting like puzzle pieces. All the wood was slightly bowed, and no matter what we tried, there continued to be a slight curve in the wood. Only engineers and contractors would be able to notice. It looked just fine to me.
Creating the legs proved to be the most challenging part of this table. I'd bought some legs from the Home Depot, but they proved to be a little squirmy-looking for my giant table. So Edward and his dad devised a plan to take 4x4s and taper them. They look just right.
Elizabeth, our photographer and dog entertainer, also helped with this table project. The three of us worked all day long. Poor Tom was at home planning his sermon for church.
A 3 legged table - could be interesting.
The final product! I love love love it! Being as cheap as we are, Tom and I tried to scavenge some quality chairs from a thrift store but none were found. I guess that's the thing with quality furniture- you don't just donate the good stuff. So we went to Wood You and found the best chairs. They were not thrift store price, but they are SO comfortable and they're real wood. {And don't you love how Agnes makes it into most of our photos? I swear I don't try to get photos of her all the time, she's just always a part of the action though.}
Here I am staining the top of the table a dark, a Jacobean color. I've stained it twice now, and I think I may put some sort of a clear, protectant on the top so I won't lose that dark color {if I ever mention my painting clothes - these are them. This is a t-shirt from the 10th grade and the shorts became my painting shorts accidentally 3 years ago when I messed some paint on them.}

And after a few (3) coats of paint on the chairs - it's all fini.

There are 2 incomplete projects from this wall - I want to add fabric to the bulletin board and do something creative with those hooks.

And just for fun - can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Cityism - Bunnies sighted on our walk last night: 41

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There are a few projects I have yet to accomplish in order for me to feel as though our decorating is complete.

I want to stain this cabinet in the living room a darker color. It has a clear coating over the wood, so I'm afraid I'll have to sand this baby before choosing the right color:
I need to paint/stain this chester-drawers. {FACT: Did you know that some people genuinely believe that this piece is called a chester-drawers instead of a chest of drawers!}
My dad and I made this desk when I was in college - I decoupaged the top of it with magazine cut-outs and have grown tired of this. I'm planning to sand the top and covering the top with something different.
These chairs need one more coat of paint and the legs of the table need to be painted and the top of the table should probably get another coat of stain and some sort of sealer.
My curtains need to be lined with fabric - there is just way too much light coming through in the morning. I don't have a photo of them - but they're green. :)

I saw something that I'd like to make in a Martha Stewart Living Magazine using this lantern. I hope it will work out as planned.
And I found this beauty of a chair yesterday in the alley behind our place. It needs a seat bottom and a cushion - but I could never pass up on a free chair. :) It will probably become my new desk chair because the chir I currently have will not suffice {I'll explain why later}.
So - I've got my painting clothes on and my hand sander ready - I'm off to start some of these projects.

Monday, June 20, 2011

hey. hey.

I'm back in the St. Lou. I've been back since Friday night and have desperately wanted to blog. But our inter-web has been splotchy to say the least. The sweet cable guy came here twice today after we endured another short, successful connection only to be followed by another dead signal.

Tom and I went on another shopping spree Sunday after church to buy some of the final touches we just needed for our place {photos to come soon}. While our place is small cozy - I love it! Everything is coming together, and it's great. I'm content with all of our stuff and might suffer a bit less from coveting others' items.

We're missing Auburn and our friends there, but we're trying to settle in. We've visited a few churches and hopefully will find a church home soon. Tom is really enjoying Greek and is making friends fast. I haven't been here as long but am enjoying being a hermit. I love that my days are filled with things that I want to do. I feel overwhelmed a bit with all the sewing, painting, job searching, daily tasking that I need to do - but I am FULLY enjoying being unemployed and doing whatever I want. :)

We're off to play tennis with our friends across the street.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

know your numbers

My dad had quadruple bypass surgery on Friday morning. I don't think I've ever been so emotionally taxed. There was a phone that rang in the cv-icu {cardiovascular-icu} waiting room every time the nurses/doctors wanted to tell a family something that was going on with their patient. It was nerve-wracking - to say the least - to wait for that phone to ring with updates on my dad's surgery. 

I'm thankful for the Lord who has healed my dad's body and forever grateful for the doctors and nurses who did what they needed to do to save his life. I have an entire new respect for those who have the pressure to save lives. My dad went into cardiac arrest right as they started the surgery and the doctors had to do cpr for 6 minutes. We were told that if this heart attack happened anywhere else, we wouldn't even have had time to call 911 before he died. Praise the Lord for healing his body. He came home yesterday. The nurses said that my dad could be a poster child for this surgery, and it is only a miracle that he is doing as well as he is. 

There are typically 5 factors that can cause heart disease/issues: cholesterol, high blood pressure, diet/exercise, use of tobacco products, or genetics. My dad unfortunately falls into a tiny sliver of the 18% of people who have pure genetic issues and only 5% of those end up having surgery. Not only has this "thing" brought on a new appreciation for family and life, but it has changed the way I think about general health and genetics. When I asked one of the doctors what we can do to stay in the know about our genetics and health, he said that it's important to know your numbers. Know your genetic history and take it seriously. Know your cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels. Take a stress test. Most of the time an EKG cannot tell you what a stress-test can. My dad was doing a stress-test when his heart rate fell. A normal heart rate will rise with exercise. I don't want to get too preachy - but it's important to know your numbers.

Now I need to go and take care of my papa; we'll talk again soon. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You should know better...

I like to think of myself as an efficient person. I get things done. But have you noticed that whenever I say I'm going to blog about something - I don't? Like the water gun story from March - never blogged about that. Or making the table - never blogged about it - but I will want to. Posting photos of our furnitured place - didn't do that either. Tom said it best last night, "Well dang, there just aren't enough hours in the day."

That's how it's been. Not enough hours. Someone drove Tom home from class today and asked Tom about me and what I was doing and said, "What does she do, just sit around all day?"

No - I have not just been sitting around. I have been unpacking, cleaning, organizing, making pillows for my Etsy shop, writing letters, calling people, sanding tables, painting chairs, going down to the creepy basement to do my laundry {while wearing ear plugs}, and making our house a home. Oh, and I've been job searching {let's make that 73 schools I've contacted}, had a phone interview, I've taken our city dog for walks, figured out the mail system up here in the 'north.' You know. That's what I've been doing.

Well - the night is not yet over, and here are a few pics of our furnitured place. Don't judge my decorating - it's not finished yet.

This is our living room. :)
This is the dining room. The lighting is a bit dark - but you can see my stained table and first coat-painted chairs.
Once I return to St. Louie - I'll post more photos. Good night ya'll.

First Tour

Unfortunately for those who are looking forward to another post about little girls using bad language, this post will disappoint. I wanted to share some photos of our new dwelling. Like I said before, I was worried about finding a place for all of our stuff, but somehow, it all fits just perfectly. Here is a general overview of some photos I took the first morning we were here.

We reside in the upstairs of a 2 Family home. I'll have to take some photos later to show you what the architecture looks like around here. Most of these places were built in the 30s or 40s.

So once you climb the steep little stairs you immediately enter our living room. Couches are arriving today! {Woop-Woop}.
The living room opens up to the dining room which hosts our brand new dining room table that I helped make. This might be my favorite room;  it's definitely going to be a hub of dinner parties and entertainment. I can already tell.
The dining room opens up to the kitchen which is sooo much larger than our last kitchen. If you ever visited our place in Auburn, you'd know that it wouldn't be very difficult to find a kitchen larger than that one. For once we actually have all of our stuff in the kitchen and not partially in the laundry or the garage. I love it.
The bathroom is rather tiny. We're adjusting to having only one bathroom. In Auburn we had 2 1/2 bathrooms. But I do like that there's only 1 bathroom to clean. I hate cleaning, but mostly I hate cleaning bathrooms.
There's a little foyer area inbetween the bathroom and the 2 bedrooms. One room will be our bedroom {obviously}, and the other bedroom is our guest bedroom/sewing/study /ironing /my closet/office/blog room. I'm sure it will serve many more purposes also. Both rooms look exactly like this:
Later today I'll add more photos about what our place actually looks like with furniture in it.

As I discover them, I thought I'd add some City Notes. After all, we are city people now.

*City Note- there are SO many bunnies hopping around here! Tom said that if we ever got hungry - at least we could find an easy source of protein. For fun I thought I'd count how many I saw when I walked Agnes early this morning.
Bunny Total for Wednesday: 18

*City Note #2 - No one stops at stop signs around here. It's strange. Everyone drives the speed limit, but no one stops. Interesting.

And on a personal note - I'm headed home {South Carolina} tomorrow to visit my family. While I'm excited about seeing them, I wish the circumstances were different. My dad is having bypass surgery Friday morning at 8. Please pray for his body, for the doctors and nurses involved, and that the Lord's will be done.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rated "R"

Earlier this morning I thought about how I need to blog about the sweet girls who live downstairs. There are three of them. I've really enjoyed hearing them giggle - they sound like happy girls.

About 20 minutes ago, I was folding laundry down in the basement when our neighbors, mom and three girls, were also down in the basement folding laundry. We were doing the usual neighborly chitchat - talking about the weather and the bright sunlight that beams into our windows at 5 a.m.

The oldest sister (about 8?) came to me and said that the littlest sister (5ish?) opens her curtains every morning and says, "Good morning."

{Here is the part that will turn my blog into a Rated R blog and no longer PG, or even PG-13}.

The littlest sister came to me and said, "Do you know what I really say when I open the curtains?" I said, "No, what do you say?" She motions for me to bend down so she can tell me. I bend down. She says, "I say, good morning mother F******." I said, "Well, you probably shouldn't say that." She responds, "But that used to be my mom's phone ring tone."

we are here

Hey ya'll. We are here in St. Louie. It's been a crazy few days.
We packed the uhaul on Monday.
We-hauled all of our stuff twelve hours away.
And we've spent pretty much every waking moment since then unpacking. I think we've finally unpacked all of our stuff! Now - it's not all organized just yet. We're still getting there.

I'll share photos of our new place soonish. It's quaint. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough space to store all of my junk. But I have almost found a place for all of it. :)

The first morning that we were here, we discovered the laundry chute and wanted to see if it works - {wouldn't it be awesome to just throw our clothes down to the basement so that we don't have to lug it down 2 steep fligths of stairs?} Tom was going to throw one of Agnes' tennis balls down so that we could see where the chute leads to down in the basement. The ball comes down - no problem. Success! 

Before we start throwing our clothes down - we think it might be a good idea to throw something down that we don't care if it got dirty. So Tom throws Agnes' car sheet {a fitted bed sheet that I use to cover my car seats}. No success. The sheet gets stuck. Woops. We needed to unload the uhaul - so we place the stuck sheet on the back-burner.

Later I threw my chacos down to push the sheet through the chute {that was probably a bad idea}. Both my shoes got stuck.
I used my flash light to identify the stuck objects.

We threw a few other items down the chute to see if weight would push the sheet through - no luck. Tom was able to fish my shoes out of the chute. The sheet, however, is still stuck as we speak.

In other adventures, I almost cried when our brand new dining room table and box spring wouldn't fit up the stairwell. We didn't really want to spend the day disassembling the dining room table - especially since we'd made it just 5 days before! Luckily our overbearing landlord came by and took the entire upstairs window out. We tied the table and box spring to rope and was able to lift both items into the window. I'm just glad it all fit through the window. More adventures to come. I am sure of it.