Monday, December 19, 2011

where will the bow go 2011

Soonly we will find out the gender of Poppie. Everyone has a conflicting opinion it seems. Last night I had a dream that in the reveal to my family, I revealed that it was a girl {I do not know because I have not been to the doc - so this is just my dream talking - or the grapes I had before I fell asleep}. You'll see that this contradicts my own prediction. I think I'm still sticking to boy.

We're not big gamblers, but financial bets have been made on behalf of Poppie Seed {as my dad likes to call the babe}.

A teacher at my school wears bow ties, and when we were making predictions, MeNorris brilliantly titled the "bet board" Where will the bow go? In the hair? Or below the chin? What do you think?

Where Will the Bow Go 2011

Side note: Can you believe Christmas is this week? Just 2 more days at school!! I hope I can make it - still haven't wrapped a single present. But, I'll get to it.


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