Sunday, November 20, 2011

PB: pregnancy brain

Pregnancy Brain. It's a real thing. Don't believe me? Go here and read the WebMD synopsis. A friend of mine is an ER nurse, and she told me that when they have pregnant nurses on duty, they always double check their charts and the dosage of medicine that is given to patients. I used to think of myself as a high-functioning, young adult. This pregnancy has thrown me for a loop. I forget things all the time. I forget to call friends back {and apologize if you've been one of those friends}. I forget to do really important things and remember only weeks later that I had an important responsibility or obligation that I failed to meet. I even thought a doctors appointment was on a different day than scheduled, and thank goodness they called and emailed me about the appointment date/time- otherwise I would have shown up 2 days early.

So last night when Tom and I were decorating our holiday bush {more to come on that}, I realized that I never announced the winner of the towel giveaway! I was probably more appalled than you were. I said I'd do it Saturday morning! So - in much delay - I'd like to congratulate
on being the winner of the dish towel! {I'll get in contact with you about which towel you'd like}. I placed the names in a bowl and let Tom pick the winner - the papers were folded. There was no cheating. :)

Enjoy your Sunday evening. I'm off to remember things I've forgotten. We'll catch up soon.


  1. Chane, you're hilarious!! I miss you chica, wish I could be there to see you pregnant and hang out! =)

  2. YAY!!! I'm so excited!! AHH!! Haha - Since I've been on break I haven't been on my computer, but I got on AND THIS MADE MY DAY!! WOOHOO!!


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