Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PIL #5 - L.L. Bean Slippers

Christmas is a little ways off, but if you're like me and already thinking about what you want, you might want to add a pair of these to your list:

Here is why you should think about getting a pair:
  1. They have a rubber sole - so you can wear these outside. The rubber sole is also good for traction - so no slipping around or sliding down stairs.
  2. They enclose your foot completely like a shoe. They might even be cute enough to wear with some pants - I've thought about it.
  3. The fleece on the inside keep your footsies warm in the winter.
{side note: while researching my slippers, I found that they've come out with a new style since I received my last pair. I think I'm going to add a new pair to my Christmas list - {mom ?} - and I'll let you know how they fit} 

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