Monday, October 17, 2011

gathering nuts

You might be wondering where I've been hiding out. The truth is that I've been gathering nuts for the winter. Well, not nuts per say. I've heard tell that this St. Louis winter is going to be colder than last year. And before that I heard tell that last winter was one of the worst ever. It is even going to get into the 30s this week!! {eek} So, while nuts won't really do me any good when my bones are frozen and it's -17 degrees new flannel sheets should help me stay warm. Tom's mom was thinking ahead when she mailed me this adorable onesie last week:
I will need it. For sure. I also found a winter coat - originally priced for $275 - I got this baby for only $100. It better work is all I'm saying.
And while I'm thinking about the winter, I think that I'm going order Agnes these little booties:
I was told that when dogs go outside frequently during snow, they can get snow/ice stuck in between their little webbed toes and that will cause welts - or something like that. And I don't want that to happen to Agnes. I have Thursday and Friday off this week. So I promise to get back on my blogging game. I hope you're doing well. 

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