Saturday, October 1, 2011


I didn't wake up with a sense of purpose like most Saturdays {you know, go shopping, sew, clean, be lazy...}. We have some guests coming over, so I knew it was time to clean and organize my craft room. But somehow I was motivated to break out the crock pot for the first time - ever. After unwrapping the plastic and giving it a good wash - I added all the ingredients for chicken chili. Easiest recipe - EVER. I'll share with you later.
Then I thought about how it would be great to have homemade bread with the veggie soup we're eating with some friends tomorrow {made it last weekend - that sounds wrong. No, I'm not serving friends week old soup - it's been hanging out in the freezer}. I wanted to try a grainy bread - but I've had some iffy turn outs with the bread machine before. It makes a fantastic French bread, but I wanted some wheat and grains in my bread this time. So, I got out the ol' Oster bread machine and gave the new recipe a try before poisoning my guests.
And because we have guests tonight and tomorrow, and you just cannot have guests and not serve dessert, I whipped up my brownie cheesecake to bake in this baby:
The timing of this blog today is perfect - because by now all of the goodies are finished. Bread was a success! Cheese cake should be a success {although lately the brownie part on the bottom has been too gooey - so we'll see}. And the chili will hopefully be a success too! Betty would give a pat on the back.

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  1. Will you send me the recipe for your soup and brownie cheesecake??


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