Saturday, September 3, 2011

worse condition

As I was cleaning up a bit this morning, I realized that I missed being in a town or even region that worships football. It's not that I particularly love football or even watched it before I married Tom. I guess I miss  the camaraderie. But anyways. We're making up for that by having some Georgia grads over for an opening game event. 
In other news - I've been looking for my credit card since last week.  
 I've been searching high and low. Unpacking containers. Moving furniture. Cleaning out piles of paper and fabric.
 What probably happened is that I put it somewhere so that I wouldn't lose it.
 I know that I had it in this room just a week ago when I ordered my phone cover from Amazon {don't you love Amazon?}
I know it's in here, somewhere. 
You know what though,  I don't think I've searched my closet. It's only two and a half feet wide. Shouldn't take too long.

*Disclaimer: My multi-purpose room doesn't usually look like this. It's usually in a worse condition.

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  1. I see you have some Tom wedges! I love my wedges! Have them in red. Your color is darling.


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