Monday, August 15, 2011

what a dill...

I love reading blogs. I love how it's better than reality tv because it isn't staged. It's raw life - the good blogs are anyway. Blogs are better than magazines, some books, or tv shows because until someone "quits" their blog, it continues to tell a story about the characters. It just totally sucks me in. Blogs help me understand people. They make me a better writer. Sometimes I learn new things and learn how to create new items that I didn't know how to create before.

I stumbled upon Katy Dill's blog, No Big Dill, when I found a tutorial for her ruffled skirt. Every girl loves a good tutorial, especially for a ruffled skirt. I checked out her blog and have been sucked in ever since. If you've spent any amount of time with me then you've heard me talk about her blog and how I covet her sewing and creative abilities.

AND GUESS WHAT, my favorite blog girl is promoting a cookbook that benefits the Red Cross. This is relevant to me because when you buy a cookbook, you are eligible to enter a giveaway where Katy is giving away two of my dish towels from my little ol' etsy shop. It's a big dill since I've been following her blog for over a year now, and then today - I'm on there! You should hop over to her blog for a link to purchase a cookbook for yourself, as a birthday, or Christmas present, and enter the giveaway. They're only $10! I'm also offering free shipping to my blog friends with coupon code: WHATADILL. The offer expires on Aug. 31st.

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