Friday, August 5, 2011

PIL #4 - Mrs. Meyers Cleaner

I'm not one for cleaning. Never have been. Probably never will be. But I try to be socially acceptable. I've always hated the flaky white skin on my fingers left after cleaning with Clorox. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff. Here right now, gone after this spray. It works, right? But that smell! After I clean our bathroom with clorox, shower and all, I feel like I need to go outside to give my lungs a break from the chemicals I can't seem to get out of my lungs - sometimes I really do go outside for a lung ventilation.

My sister gave me a bottle of Mrs. Meyers cleaner. I've seen it at Target, but I would never buy this for myself. It's expensive. I'm cheap. But you don't get any cheaper than free, so I took my bottle of Mrs. Meyers home with me. I finally used it a few weeks ago. And if the smell of this stuff helps me clean, even makes me want to clean. So you know it's good.

I have a bottle of the Geranium All Purpose Cleaner. It's great because you can mix just 1 tablespoon with water in a plastic spray bottle to create your own spray cleaner. And if you're cleaning floors, just mix 1/4 of a cup with 16 cups of water (I think that's a gallon) to create a cleaner good enough for your floors, even hardwoods. The smell alone will make you want to clean every day. But that's a little too much cleaning for this reluctant cleaner.

You can purchase your own bottle at Target or order here. It's worth it. And it actually doesn't end up being that much more expensive since you only use a little for a lot. It's made me sniff my countertops. So you know it's good. Obviously I think you should try some. If you have some money in you fun fund, you should probably choose to buy this with the spare change.

In other news - the one woman sweat shop continues. Lots and Lots of sewing going on around here. My intern has even been hard at work. Lots of knot tying and thread cutting going on.

If you've been around for a while, you'll remember my fingerprint situation - it was also on the same day I had my second Elvis encounter. Well, for my intern job, I have to get my fingerprints done again. I guess they just want to make sure I haven't committed any major crimes since February. 

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  1. I have seen this at target and elsewhere and haven't tried it yet. I will be sure to now. I keep hearing wonderful things about Mrs. Meyers.

    found you through etsy blog team!


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