Tuesday, August 23, 2011

oh, hey!

Hey guys.

I haven't forgotten about this little blog - it sure has been a while since I last came to visit. I've been off celebrating my birthday with my parents who came to visit our new city.
I've been working in my one-woman sweat shop. I've started my internship job. Tom got a job as a busboy at a restaurant nearby. And I've been trying to figure out how to use my new ipod, I mean iphone! I first thought it was an ipod because I didn't know that they came out with white ones, did you? I must have missed that memo.
It's a drastic upgrade from my $20 LG Glance. I'll miss that little thing - but I'm just amazed at all the iphone can do. It's just plain ridiculous. If you have any good app suggestions, I'm taking them.

Oh - and you can visit my little shop over here today: http://www.etsystalkers.com/2011/08/note-to-self-only-put-dishwashing.html

must. go. sew.

I'll check in again soon!

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