Monday, August 29, 2011


I felt completely rejuvenated after my 2 hour nap on Saturday afternoon. But that was Saturday. Now it's Monday, and I'm already tired. I don't hate Mondays per say, but they are somehow a weekly reminder of all the things I didn't get accomplished over the weekend and also an addition of what is meant to be accomplished in the week following. My little etsy shop is slowly growing and I'm thankful for the business. This will be my second week of school, and I think I almost have my schedule figured out.

Tom has been working a lot. His classes start today, so we're adapting to all kinds of schedule changes around here. Don't you wish all of the busboys were this cute? I'm glad he comes home with me at the end of the day.
Also, thank you guys for bearing with me and being patient while I haven't been writing as often. If you feel like you're missing out a bit, you might want to go over here to get a little more What the Hart Likes fix. Moxii, a too-cute store in Auburn, Alabama, featured some of my etsy products, and they're helping to spread the word about my little shop. I love being connected to something/someone I know personally. 

Hope you've had a great Monday! Let's talk again soon.

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