Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I got punk'd and white pants

Yesterday I had a solid day of feeling sorry for myself. I suppose we all have these days from time to time. In my entire life - the whole almost 27 years - never have I worked for something that I wanted - worked really hard to "get" what I wanted or earn what I needed to get what I wanted - and not gotten it. This job thing just completely threw me for a loop. Never did I think that things wouldn't really work out as I expected them to. For most of yesterday I felt like I was being punk'd. You know the show where really ridiculous things happen to normal people. And the people are like - "this is unreal" because it really is unreal. And just then ol' Ashton Kutcher comes out to tell them, "You just got punk'd."

After they told me I needed my substitute certification for my "internship," I just started thinking - ok Ashton - come out from wherever you're hiding. I know that I'm being punk'd because this isn't my life. I have a masters. 3 years teaching experience. My Missouri teaching certification for 6 grades in 2 subjects - and now I have to get my sub certification so that I can do this job? Are - you - kidding - me?

This morning I was thinking in the shower. I was thinking about how I LOVE my new white pants that were given to me by a friend who I'm teaching how to sew. I never mentioned to her that I was in the market for some white pants {all the ones that I liked were over $80}, she was just getting rid of them, and thought that she would see if I was interested. They fit just right. 

So back to the shower - I was thinking - God gave me these pants. I had a need desire, and He provided. I kept on thinking, how can I think that the Lord won't provide us with what we need when already He's giving me what I want. While this little intern job isn't exactly what I had in mind {never even crossed my mind actually} - it does come with benefits and insurance which I wouldn't have gotten if I was nannying or tutoring full time. The Lord is going to take care of us. I have some white pants to prove it.

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