Thursday, July 7, 2011

StayCation - Grant's Farm

Our staycation is going quite well, but it is going by rather quickly. We decided to start with a tour of Grant's Farm. This is the historical home of Ulysses S. Grant; he used to farm this 280 acre lot back in the day. The Busch family now maintains this land as a deer preserve and place to keep other animals.
(check out all those smiles)
Anheuser-Busch keeps some of their Clydesdales at this farm, and they were so beautiful!

The babies were about the size of normal horses. Here is a photo of what their horse shoe sizes are:

They keep many animals at Grant's Farm; these were a few of our favorites:

And for just $1, you could buy a little bottle of milk, from Santa, to feed the goats.

Tom was trying to feed this goat illegal substances:

while I practiced my mothering skills:

Since everyone and their cousin feeds the goats - we saw a lot of swollen bellies:

Tom and I both loved this little guy, and decided that if it was possible to put him in our pocket and take him home, we would. That afternoon we discussed how much land we'll need in the future to house our pigmy goats, pot belly big, real goats to milk, and some chickens.

I almost forgot to add a photo of the crazy camels. They looked like little, old, miserable men.

And --- this was my favorite photo of Tom - he looks like he's about to teach them some Greek.

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  1. You can put Grant Farm on our list to do, when we visit, looks like fun!
    Nice haircut, Tom!


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