Saturday, July 9, 2011

StayCation - The Arch

You can't have a proper visit to St. Louis without visiting the arch. So we did just that. 

We asked someone to take a photo of us by the arch. I like how the photo is half arch and half concrete.

It's a pretty tall structure, in case you've never been there. It's our country's tallest monument.

630 feet tall to be exact.

Our new city from the top of the arch:

This photograph of us turned out better than the other one:

There was a "westward expansion" museum in the 'basement' of the arch. It had some good information in it and would be a great mini US history lesson. I was of course reminded that Tom likes to r-e-a-d  e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e word printed in the museum {I don't}.

I entertained myself by trying to find all the misspelled words in William and Clark's journal. If they were in my English class, I think they would have failed. Here are just a few of their misspellings:

And did you know that they spelled Sacajawea's name like this:


  1. i'm so proud of y'all for embracing your new town and exploring all the fun things there are to do there! my only other recommendation is tour the anheiser brewery; the tour is free and you get free beer at the end. double awesome. :)

  2. Hey,I hope yall are settling in nicely in St. Louis. I just met up with Ann and she told me about your blog. I loved seeing your stay-cation pictures. Marshall and I went to see Gerry over MLK holiday. We had a great time! When we head out there gain maybe we can get together. Take care, Mariruth Whittle Thomas
    P.S. Gerry says that he will call when he's in town. He's visiting us right now.

  3. This sounds familiar! Nathan love to do those audio tours at museums. I just like to wander through and get the "jist". :) I love reading about all the places you are visiting in STLouie. its like revisiting my childhood memories!!:) --Katy H.


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