Sunday, July 3, 2011

our Staycation has begun

Our vacation has officially begun. Tom has next week off from learning more Greek paradigms, and we decided that we haven't traveled much lately, so we're going to St. Louis! {yes - that is were we currently live too!}

We just don't know the city very well and haven't had time to do all of the touristy things - so we will have a Staycation in order to get to know this city we now call home. People keep giving us suggestions of things to do - I think we might have to stay longer than a week, but eventually, we'll see it all. Fact: St. Louis is the #2 city in America in offering free things to do. {Glad we moved here while in seminary!}

Our staycation started last night with amazing fireworks in Alton, IL. We were actually having a "stay at home and rest day" yesterday and were totally enthralled with National Geographic's new show: Hard Time {can I mention that I don't think I ever want to go to prison? It will be the end of me} when some of Tom's friends called and invited us to a picnic and a viewing of great fireworks. We removed our lazy selves from the couch and got ready in a few minutes. 

Before sprinting out the door I grabbed my tripod and camera - and then suddenly thought that I don't know how to shoot fireworks at all. I Googled 'how to shoot fireworks with a Canon' and was pleased with the results. {Don't you love that you can google pretty much anything?}

And I think my photos turned our alright for a first time try. I'm not going to include all 100ish photos of fireworks I took; I'm hoping that you'll get to view some with your own eyes this 4th of July weekend.

And if you're not planning on going outside because it's so stinking hot {it's hot in St. Louis, so I know it's hot down in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama where I know most of you are} - National Geographic is having a Hard Time marathon all day tomorrow starting at 11 - you should tune in.

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