Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have two intern stories for you. The first is about my new intern. I've had so much sewing to do here lately, that I've needed an intern to tie threads into knots and cut the little knots. I had to go through a few applications to pick just the right person for the job. The money would not be much, but the work load great.
So far he's doing a great job! I picked just the right person.

The other intern news I have has to do with the interview I had last Wednesday. I mentioned it in passing in one of my posts last week. I don't really get excited about these interviews anymore because nothing from them have ever come to fruition. Well the interview went really well - it was a good school district and I liked everyone who interviewed me. They were only supposed to call me after about 3 weeks to let me know about whether I got the job or not. Well, they called Friday and said that they liked me so much that they didn't want to let me get away {you can imagine that I needed this confidence booster}. It's a full time position with benefits and insurance. It's in one of the best districts in St. Lou, and it's about 15 minutes from where we live. Perfect.

The kicker: It's not a full-time teaching position, and rather, I would be a writing intern. My responsibility would be to help individual students and some classes with writing. The perks include not having to do any lesson planning, classroom controlling, grading, homeroom/teacher duties - at 3:15, I can leave and be done with my work (whereas most teachers usually have about 2 hours of work - at least - to complete on top of the time they spend in the classroom). 

They acknowledged that I was way over qualified for the job, and they realized that I only applied because I haven't been able to find a teaching position. They said if something opened up, I'd be the first they consider. And next year if I'm looking for a teaching position, even if it was outside of their school district, they would help me.

If I didn't like the school this much, I don't think I'd even consider a job that is half the money of what I could be making as a teacher. That's a lot of money. After my interview I went shopping, it seems like the right thing to do after an interview that goes well. As I was looking at all the clothes I couldn't afford, the song "Price Tag" by Jessie J came on. The lyrics go something like this, "It's not about the money, money, money." And while I usually would agree, I just thought - yes it is. It's about the money right now.

But I think this job in an ideal district, will be just right for next year. I'll be able to tutor after school, and while it's difficult to believe sometimes, I know that the Lord is going to take care of us. I know we're going to be fine. In the end it's not about the money, and I am thankful for this job. The principal was out of town when I interviewed, so I'm meeting with her tomorrow to give them my final answer.


  1. Congrats Chane! Although this might not be what you expected, I'm sure you're going to be the best writing teacher and tutor ever!! I'm excited for you. Please tell Tom Chris and I say hey!

  2. Congrats Chane! I am so happy for you and know that they will love you. It seems like not long ago we were both new to Auburn :).


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