Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Have you enjoyed your stay?"

I'm going to blog before I feel like my words are inadequate or my interweb gets temperamental like it likes to do sometimes. When I looked through my posts yesterday I saw that I'd only posted 5 times in July. How is that possible? I posted more often when I was teaching. It doesn't make sense. I know.

At the end of the school year in May, one of my students asked me how long I'd lived in Auburn. I told him that it's been almost exactly 2 years. He asked if I'll miss my house. I told him that we live in a town house, and I probably won't miss it that much {only because it was a cave}. He then asked if I've enjoyed my stay in Auburn.

A few months ago I probably wouldn't have said yes. But here I am, relocated in St. Louis, and I have to say that, yes, I enjoyed my stay in Auburn. What I've learned about my time in Auburn is that one's love for a place is hardly ever because of the actual, physical place. Yet, the thing that we love about certain locations almost always is and will be the people in that place.

Here is a short list, in no particular order, of things I'll miss in Auburn.
  1. Being able to drive anywhere in less than 15 minutes {although I have been surprised by how condensed St. Lou is.
  2. Our church family
  3. Our friends
  4. Driving to school in the time it takes for Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson "to play {even though I don't have a job yet and don't know it will take any time at all to drive to school.}
  5. Amsterdam Cafe
  6. Being closer to our families
  7. Kiesel Park
  8. My students from this past year - even though I woudn't have had them next year anyway
  9. Leaving Agnes outside with out worrying that she'll get stolen {perhaps more to come on this}
And I have to add the things that I do not miss:
  1. Humidity - the get slapped with a hot, wet rag type
  2. The concrete pole thingys that were excuses for road signs. If I was driving somewhere new, I'd almost always miss my turn because the road sign was so difficult to see.
My list of "likes" is growing for St. Louis although we're not established enough to call it home just yet.

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