Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big News

Hey All,

While my education career isn't exactly taking off (actually it's regressing. Sidenote: since I'm having such a hard time sputtering out the words i-n-t-e-r-n to people these days, I'm going to personally rename my position to writing instructor. Yes. That is much better. I'm going to be a writing intern instructor), but my point is that my little etsy shop is taking off, for the time being anyways. I'm happy to announce that you can now purchase some of my items in two boutiques. Conveniently located on the east and west coast.

If you're on the east coast sometime soon, you might want to stop by the Occasional House in Spartanburg, South Carolina to see some of the swatches of fabric for my personalized towels. These are a great gift for weddings, big/little sisters in college, kiddies, family members, friends, Christmas or birthday presents, you name it. Well, you can purchase my bath and hand towels, sewn stationery, and many other things at the Occasional House. You probably should check it out.
And since no one I know is reading this little ol' blog on the West Coast, but you might travel up to June Lake, California sometime soon to go skiing or something, you'd be in your right mind to stop by Looped Handmade Boutique to purchase some of my sewn stationery. I really do hope that handwritten correspondences don't die out. 
That's all the promoting I have for now. Must - keep - sewing. Hope you're weekend was swell.

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