Saturday, June 4, 2011

we are here

Hey ya'll. We are here in St. Louie. It's been a crazy few days.
We packed the uhaul on Monday.
We-hauled all of our stuff twelve hours away.
And we've spent pretty much every waking moment since then unpacking. I think we've finally unpacked all of our stuff! Now - it's not all organized just yet. We're still getting there.

I'll share photos of our new place soonish. It's quaint. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough space to store all of my junk. But I have almost found a place for all of it. :)

The first morning that we were here, we discovered the laundry chute and wanted to see if it works - {wouldn't it be awesome to just throw our clothes down to the basement so that we don't have to lug it down 2 steep fligths of stairs?} Tom was going to throw one of Agnes' tennis balls down so that we could see where the chute leads to down in the basement. The ball comes down - no problem. Success! 

Before we start throwing our clothes down - we think it might be a good idea to throw something down that we don't care if it got dirty. So Tom throws Agnes' car sheet {a fitted bed sheet that I use to cover my car seats}. No success. The sheet gets stuck. Woops. We needed to unload the uhaul - so we place the stuck sheet on the back-burner.

Later I threw my chacos down to push the sheet through the chute {that was probably a bad idea}. Both my shoes got stuck.
I used my flash light to identify the stuck objects.

We threw a few other items down the chute to see if weight would push the sheet through - no luck. Tom was able to fish my shoes out of the chute. The sheet, however, is still stuck as we speak.

In other adventures, I almost cried when our brand new dining room table and box spring wouldn't fit up the stairwell. We didn't really want to spend the day disassembling the dining room table - especially since we'd made it just 5 days before! Luckily our overbearing landlord came by and took the entire upstairs window out. We tied the table and box spring to rope and was able to lift both items into the window. I'm just glad it all fit through the window. More adventures to come. I am sure of it.

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