Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rated "R"

Earlier this morning I thought about how I need to blog about the sweet girls who live downstairs. There are three of them. I've really enjoyed hearing them giggle - they sound like happy girls.

About 20 minutes ago, I was folding laundry down in the basement when our neighbors, mom and three girls, were also down in the basement folding laundry. We were doing the usual neighborly chitchat - talking about the weather and the bright sunlight that beams into our windows at 5 a.m.

The oldest sister (about 8?) came to me and said that the littlest sister (5ish?) opens her curtains every morning and says, "Good morning."

{Here is the part that will turn my blog into a Rated R blog and no longer PG, or even PG-13}.

The littlest sister came to me and said, "Do you know what I really say when I open the curtains?" I said, "No, what do you say?" She motions for me to bend down so she can tell me. I bend down. She says, "I say, good morning mother F******." I said, "Well, you probably shouldn't say that." She responds, "But that used to be my mom's phone ring tone."


I love comments. It's like getting mail.