Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There are a few projects I have yet to accomplish in order for me to feel as though our decorating is complete.

I want to stain this cabinet in the living room a darker color. It has a clear coating over the wood, so I'm afraid I'll have to sand this baby before choosing the right color:
I need to paint/stain this chester-drawers. {FACT: Did you know that some people genuinely believe that this piece is called a chester-drawers instead of a chest of drawers!}
My dad and I made this desk when I was in college - I decoupaged the top of it with magazine cut-outs and have grown tired of this. I'm planning to sand the top and covering the top with something different.
These chairs need one more coat of paint and the legs of the table need to be painted and the top of the table should probably get another coat of stain and some sort of sealer.
My curtains need to be lined with fabric - there is just way too much light coming through in the morning. I don't have a photo of them - but they're green. :)

I saw something that I'd like to make in a Martha Stewart Living Magazine using this lantern. I hope it will work out as planned.
And I found this beauty of a chair yesterday in the alley behind our place. It needs a seat bottom and a cushion - but I could never pass up on a free chair. :) It will probably become my new desk chair because the chir I currently have will not suffice {I'll explain why later}.
So - I've got my painting clothes on and my hand sander ready - I'm off to start some of these projects.

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