Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sending mail up here in the "north" isn't as easy as in the south. There's no mailbox to place mail in. No little red flag to indicate that there is a letter to be sent. Instead, up here in the "north," we place our mail in our doors. I've been told that not everyone's mail-person will retrieve the mail from their doors. Those people have to take their mail to the post office or drop it off in one of those free-standing blue mailboxes all over the city. We're one of the lucky ones. Our mail-person has graciously taken everything I've placed in my door slot. 

I don't know if the suburbs are like that also, but here in the city, we do mail a little differently.

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  1. At my parents house (i.e., in the suburbs) they have a box at the end of the driveway with the little red flag. The carrier drives around in their vehicle and delivers the mail without getting out. Which was a far cry from the guy who walked around our neighborhood when I was growing up... it took a while to get used to mail in St. Louis... and here in Fayetteville, some of the carriers drive their own vehicles, and sit in the passenger seat while delivering the mail! It's terrifying to see a car moving without anyone in the driver's seat!

    It's been so fun to keep up with your move to STL - next time I'm in town, I'd love to see you and Tom and the other ex-Interns!


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