Tuesday, June 28, 2011

how to comment

A few people have mentioned that they always want to leave comments on posts, but that they don't know how to comment. It can be tricky sometimes.

First scroll down to the bottom of the post. If someone has already left a comment on that post - then it will say 1 comments or 2 comments. If no one has commented, then it will say 0 comments. Click on the "comment button."

Then you'll see a box that appears, and this is where you'll write your comment.

Then you click - "Select Profile." It's easiest when you have a gmail account. You'll use that name. If you don't know the blogger to know who you are, then you can choose Anonymous.*

After you've selected your profile, click "Post Comment." If you clicked google account - then you'll see this:

Type in your gmail name and password. You'll be directed to this preview page of your comment.

After you preview your comment, click - "Post Comment." Then voila - your comment will be published.

If you clicked anonymous - then you'll see this page where you have to type in the funky security word in order to post your comment. Click "Post Comment." And then voila - there is your comment. Posted. You could also post a comment under anonymous and then say who you are and not be so anonymous. :)

I hope this post was helpful. If you still have questions or run into a comment error - please email me at chanehart at gmail dot com and I'll help you. :)  Happy Commenting.

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  1. You are so creative! I love the bird towels and if the mama and baby birds weren't purple I would comment on that one (I like purple but my baby is a boy:) The blue bird with the red flower and cheery sun is delightful!!! I hope you have a great success and that I win.


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