Monday, June 20, 2011

hey. hey.

I'm back in the St. Lou. I've been back since Friday night and have desperately wanted to blog. But our inter-web has been splotchy to say the least. The sweet cable guy came here twice today after we endured another short, successful connection only to be followed by another dead signal.

Tom and I went on another shopping spree Sunday after church to buy some of the final touches we just needed for our place {photos to come soon}. While our place is small cozy - I love it! Everything is coming together, and it's great. I'm content with all of our stuff and might suffer a bit less from coveting others' items.

We're missing Auburn and our friends there, but we're trying to settle in. We've visited a few churches and hopefully will find a church home soon. Tom is really enjoying Greek and is making friends fast. I haven't been here as long but am enjoying being a hermit. I love that my days are filled with things that I want to do. I feel overwhelmed a bit with all the sewing, painting, job searching, daily tasking that I need to do - but I am FULLY enjoying being unemployed and doing whatever I want. :)

We're off to play tennis with our friends across the street.

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