Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Tour

Unfortunately for those who are looking forward to another post about little girls using bad language, this post will disappoint. I wanted to share some photos of our new dwelling. Like I said before, I was worried about finding a place for all of our stuff, but somehow, it all fits just perfectly. Here is a general overview of some photos I took the first morning we were here.

We reside in the upstairs of a 2 Family home. I'll have to take some photos later to show you what the architecture looks like around here. Most of these places were built in the 30s or 40s.

So once you climb the steep little stairs you immediately enter our living room. Couches are arriving today! {Woop-Woop}.
The living room opens up to the dining room which hosts our brand new dining room table that I helped make. This might be my favorite room;  it's definitely going to be a hub of dinner parties and entertainment. I can already tell.
The dining room opens up to the kitchen which is sooo much larger than our last kitchen. If you ever visited our place in Auburn, you'd know that it wouldn't be very difficult to find a kitchen larger than that one. For once we actually have all of our stuff in the kitchen and not partially in the laundry or the garage. I love it.
The bathroom is rather tiny. We're adjusting to having only one bathroom. In Auburn we had 2 1/2 bathrooms. But I do like that there's only 1 bathroom to clean. I hate cleaning, but mostly I hate cleaning bathrooms.
There's a little foyer area inbetween the bathroom and the 2 bedrooms. One room will be our bedroom {obviously}, and the other bedroom is our guest bedroom/sewing/study /ironing /my closet/office/blog room. I'm sure it will serve many more purposes also. Both rooms look exactly like this:
Later today I'll add more photos about what our place actually looks like with furniture in it.

As I discover them, I thought I'd add some City Notes. After all, we are city people now.

*City Note- there are SO many bunnies hopping around here! Tom said that if we ever got hungry - at least we could find an easy source of protein. For fun I thought I'd count how many I saw when I walked Agnes early this morning.
Bunny Total for Wednesday: 18

*City Note #2 - No one stops at stop signs around here. It's strange. Everyone drives the speed limit, but no one stops. Interesting.

And on a personal note - I'm headed home {South Carolina} tomorrow to visit my family. While I'm excited about seeing them, I wish the circumstances were different. My dad is having bypass surgery Friday morning at 8. Please pray for his body, for the doctors and nurses involved, and that the Lord's will be done.


  1. Love the pics of your new home! I love old houses like that--they have so much fun character! We are already praying for your Dad and your family--I hope all goes well with his procedure. We will continue to pray that God will bring peace to the family while it's going on--I know from experience with my family that it can be a tense and stressful time. Travel safe! Christy

  2. There's a man in your bathroom. I hope you know that.


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