Thursday, June 23, 2011

dining room

The dining room is complete - this is my favorite room in our house.

The table was something I was going to make on my own when we moved to St. Louis. With my sister's wedding, teaching up until about 5 days before we moved, visiting family, RUF events, teaching events - it seemed just too crazy to even think about squeezing time in to make a whole table. But - I get a little crazy sometimes and have unreasonable ideas. Well - this one worked out. It seemed like a good plan to make it before we moved because I'd be able to use our friend, Edward's, wood shop, and what else was I going to do 4 days before we moved to St. Lou? Pack? Nope - I was waiting for my mom's help. :)

A few weeks before I was going to make said table, I was asking around to find out where I could find some wood. I was looking for something old and original. I wasn't hunting for free - because the good stuff is usually not free. A guy at church perked up and said that he had some white oak that he lumbered himself {I don't know if that's the right word}, and he'd be happy to give it to me to use. YES, yes, I would love some free wood.
So after I got the boards, I started humming and ha-ing over the design of the table. When I say make a table - I use that term very loosly. What this means is I design a table, and then I need to find someone who's  willing to do 65% of the work. My dad has been that 65% in my past wood projects. I do as much as I can, but am happy to give up control to someone who knows a bit more than I do about woodery. 

With my drawing in hand, Edward confirmed that my plan would work. The first thing we had to do is plane the wood. This is when you put the wood into a machine and it "speed sands it." I have funny squinty eyes because all of the little wood chips and saw dust just comes flying at you without conservation.
You can see which of us was more serious about this project by our facial expressions.
It was a workout indeed to lug around these planks of white oak. It is a hard, heavy wood.
Placing the boards together was also a bit of a challenge and they really ended up fitting like puzzle pieces. All the wood was slightly bowed, and no matter what we tried, there continued to be a slight curve in the wood. Only engineers and contractors would be able to notice. It looked just fine to me.
Creating the legs proved to be the most challenging part of this table. I'd bought some legs from the Home Depot, but they proved to be a little squirmy-looking for my giant table. So Edward and his dad devised a plan to take 4x4s and taper them. They look just right.
Elizabeth, our photographer and dog entertainer, also helped with this table project. The three of us worked all day long. Poor Tom was at home planning his sermon for church.
A 3 legged table - could be interesting.
The final product! I love love love it! Being as cheap as we are, Tom and I tried to scavenge some quality chairs from a thrift store but none were found. I guess that's the thing with quality furniture- you don't just donate the good stuff. So we went to Wood You and found the best chairs. They were not thrift store price, but they are SO comfortable and they're real wood. {And don't you love how Agnes makes it into most of our photos? I swear I don't try to get photos of her all the time, she's just always a part of the action though.}
Here I am staining the top of the table a dark, a Jacobean color. I've stained it twice now, and I think I may put some sort of a clear, protectant on the top so I won't lose that dark color {if I ever mention my painting clothes - these are them. This is a t-shirt from the 10th grade and the shorts became my painting shorts accidentally 3 years ago when I messed some paint on them.}

And after a few (3) coats of paint on the chairs - it's all fini.

There are 2 incomplete projects from this wall - I want to add fabric to the bulletin board and do something creative with those hooks.

And just for fun - can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Cityism - Bunnies sighted on our walk last night: 41


  1. it looks AWESOME!! so impressed! hope ya'll are doing well;)

  2. The table looks awesome! And your new home is super cute!

  3. i still want to put goldfish in the big jar... that would be a pretty sweet centerpiece if you ask me.


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