Wednesday, May 18, 2011

unexpected bloomers

hey. it's me! I'm still here. Barely hanging on... but I'm here. I took a few days off to participate in a family wedding and when I returned to school yesterday I almost cried because there was just too much to do. I've been telling people that we're moving in 2 1/2 weeks - but when I looked at the calendar today - it's really less than 2 weeks {stress}.

--in other news--

I had a great display of zinnias last spring/summer. I'd never grown them before - but they grew like wild-fire and I loved them - all -  summer - long. I think at the end of their life - some of them were about 5 feet tall!

I was sad not to plant any seedlings this year. I thought it would be kind of pointless since we won't be here to see the blooms of my labor. BUT - what I didn't realize or know is that those wonderful little flowers re-seeded themselves! And lo and behold - we have zinnias popping up all over. There might be even more than last year! I'm already planning to take all of the blooms with us to St. Louis - maybe I'll even transplant some roots. I love - love - love - love these flowers. They keep producing all summer long. The key is to keep pruning them - when the buds are dead - off with their heads. And you think - it's over. But it's not - they just keep growing - until like OCTOBER! It's not too late - you should go to the Wal-Marts and buy some seeds. They will not disappoint.

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  1. aahh...zinnias, my favorite too. what a treat that yours came back!


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