Thursday, May 26, 2011

turning in of keys

When you acquire a key, it generally signifies something major happening in your life. Whether it's buying a house, a car, a boat. Purchasing a building or a store. Getting a job. Becoming old enough for your parents to trust you with a house key. When you turn 15 or 16, your parents finally allow you to actually use the car keys as you begin to learn how to drive. The keys we have and have had tell a pretty good story of our lives.

Yesterday I turned in my classroom keys. Somehow all the packing and box finagling didn't play a number on me, but sticking the keys into the little brown envelope made it final that I really was not coming back to my school next year. I don't think I put the key thing together until we came home from a going away party our friends and church held for us last night. I was thinking, dang, in just a few days I'll have to turn in this brass key that has been the key to our home for the past 2 years {sigh}. Turning in the keys makes moving final.

It's all happening too quickly; there are still too many people I want to see. Tom and I discussed, though, that it's probably better to just get this crazy, rushed, stressful week out of the way, so that we don't spend our summer waiting to move and slowly packing over a 2 month span. I think I liked the crazed version of packing better. Of course check back with me later - I might have changed my mind on that one.


  1. I think about keys the same way Chane. I've kept some keys I probably shouldn't have just as little reminders of certain places I lived or worked =) AND I prefer the crazed version of packing/moving as well. I'm sure it'll be stressful and emotional over the next little bit, I'll be praying for you guys. Moving is always exciting in theory, but hard when you get to the nitty-gritty of it. I miss you friend, I wish we could have seen each other again before your move. Make sure we all know your new address, who knows, maybe I'll actually sent you your wedding present this year =) ~ Jodi

  2. I love this. Welcome, transition, welcome.


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