Monday, May 9, 2011

the sale in the yard & garage

The yard sale was a success. It was a lot of hard work - all the sorting, the pricing, the cleaning of the garage, the displaying, the organizing - is exhausting. But it was totally worth it, and I highly recommend it. Tom and I said {in theory of course} that we'd really like to have a sale every 2 years; it's a great way to get rid of {stuff} and to clean out your garage. :)

Here are a few shots of our display:

I'm really glad that my pink wig went to someone we know. Polly stopped by to browse our sales....

The sweetest thing happened! I've bragged about my sweet little students - I probably haven't talked about them enough. They have made me love teaching this year. Well, to prove this I'll tell you about some sweet girls who are so grown up! On Friday I was telling my students about our yard sale and how they needed to stop by and bring their money to buy some of our junk. Some sweet girls asked if they could come sell lemonade and cookies. I was delighted that they'd want to do that. One of the girls said that she'd always wanted to have a lemonade stand, and at 12, she still hadn't had the opportunity - now was the time. But the kicker. The kicker is a glimpse of the Holy Spirit working in young-uns' lives - the girls said that they wanted to give us all of their profits to help with seminary costs. They stayed up late making over 100 cookies. Stirred the lemonade themselves. They were completely selfless. Twelve year olds giving to older folks. It's a true picture of the Gospel. I love it and am so appreciative!

 Yard Sale Essentials:

So, a successful yard sale indeed. Now you should think about cleaning out your junk and getting a buck or two for it.

My yard sale tips:

  1. Price things higher so that you can offer people a "deal," and then you end up with what you wanted for it originally.
  2. Have enough time to go throug each room to get ALL of the stuff you'd like to get rid of. I still walk by some items, now, and think that I should have added it to the sale.
  3. The goal should be to get rid of stuff, not make money. But you do make money in the process of getting rid of stuff.
  4. Cut every price in half for the last 2 hours of your sale. Again, the goal is to get rid of stuff. It's better to get rid of stuff for less than you'd like than not get rid of it at all.
  5. Spend time organizing and planning how you'll display everything - this is key.
  6. Post on craigslist and/or other websites a week before.
  7. Be sure to have a visible price on everything.
  8. Have your yard sale after people get paid (like the very beginning of the month).
  9. Have some cute kids sell lemonade and cookies.
  10. Have a joint/family yard sale - yard selling is much more fun when you have friends who you can enjoy it with.


  1. such a fun morning! i am so glad we got to do that together. yard sale love.

  2. still can't believe we missed it. Love the picture of Polly! haha


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